Pylontech Launches New Generation of Residential Storage Solution at Intersolar Europe 2024

2024/6/21 22:03:26

MUNICH, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Pylontech, a global leading ESS provider with over 10 years of successful experience in the energy storage market, launches its new generation of residential storage solution, Force H3X, at Intersolar Europe 2024.

The Force H3X is highly integrated with battery, BMS, inverter and EMS into one system and is characterized by high safety, on-demand versatility, outstanding performance, and intelligent management.



  • AC-coupled solution and hybrid solution
  • Single-phase power ranging from 3.6kW to 8kW, three-phase power ranging from 8kW to 15kW
  • Modular design for easy capacity expansion starting from 10kWh and up to 210kWh
  • Smart dynamic control to improve safety and performance
  • Intelligent management for energy services
  • Cable-free connector for easy installation

Pylontech has been focusing on the energy storage sector for over 10 years, with its self-developed technologies in cell, battery management, module, and system integration, among others. It has delivered over one million systems worldwide. With such deep-rooted technological and market experience, Pylontech has an in-depth understanding of how to meet diverse needs from end-users, installers, and distributors.

"The Force H3X is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. It goes beyond being merely a storage battery or a simple combination of an inverter and battery. Instead, it represents our comprehensive response to market demands," said Geoffrey Song, Vice President of Pylontech. "Pylontech is dedicated to creating value for customers through reliable, efficient, and intelligent energy storage solutions. As we continue to explore the development and application of energy storage technology, we look forward to cooperating with more partners to deliver greater value to customers while contributing to the industry's progress and society's sustainable development."

About Pylontech

Pylontech (stock code: 688063) is a leading provider of energy storage systems. Founded in 2009, Pylontech has been dedicated to the energy storage sector for over 10 years. It vertically integrates the industry chain and masters key technologies in areas including battery cells, modules, battery management systems, and system integration. The energy storage products and solutions developed and produced by Pylontech cover a wide range of scenarios, including residential, C&I applications, new energy generation, data centers, and communication base stations.

After more than a decade of development, Pylontech has deployed over a million sets of energy storage systems, serving over 80 countries and regions worldwide.