Sungrow Presents its C&I ESS PowerStack 200CS to the European Market

2024/6/21 23:28:53

MUNICH, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and ESS provider, presented its latest C&I ESS PowerStack 200CS during Intersolar Europe.

The system proudly carries forward Sungrow Energy Storage's esteemed legacy of "integrating power electronics, electrochemistry, and grid supporting technology" and "achieving fully in-house R&D." Leveraging the seamless integration of the three above technologies, it elevates the innovative application and integration of AI technology to new heights. Boasting a design centered on "intelligent storage integration" and a structure that embodies "full integration within a single machine," it showcases enhanced intelligent EMS scheduling capabilities, state-of-the-art intelligent temperature control systems, and robust safety protections. This comprehensive approach addresses the three primary concerns of users: revenue optimization, operation and maintenance efficiency, and safety assurances, thus enabling seamless and worry-free energy storage solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Intelligent system, earn as you wish

  • EMS Smart Brain: Boosting Dispatching Efficiency

The PowerStack 200CS incorporates the advanced EMS Smart Energy Dispatching System, leveraging the En-grow algorithm to swiftly devise optimal dispatching strategies through extensive data deep learning. This ensures maximized dispatching revenue. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless integration and operation of photovoltaics, ESSs, and charging facilities. Additionally, it supports synchronized on-site and cloud-based strategies, enhancing peak-shaving, demand management, and other dispatching capabilities.

  • PCS intelligent core processing ensures efficient charging and discharging, with an energy conversion efficiency of at least 99%

The PowerStack 200CS incorporates the PCS intelligent core processing technology into its battery cabinet, thereby enhancing the efficiency of charging and discharging operations. This innovative approach leverages advancements like novel carbon-silicon composite modules, sophisticated modulation strategies, and ultra-low magnetic loss integration to attain an impressive PCS energy conversion efficiency of at least 99%. Consequently, the system achieves a significantly higher charging and discharging efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and reliable energy management.

  • Second-generation intelligent liquid cooling temperature control offers enhanced energy efficiency and extended lifespan

The PowerStack 200CS boasts a cutting-edge second-generation intelligent liquid cooling temperature control system, ensuring a cell temperature difference of no more than 2.5 degrees. This innovative feature not only enhances the system's lifespan by 2 years but also revolutionizes energy efficiency. Leveraging AI bionic thermal balance technology, it significantly reduces auxiliary power consumption by 33%, resulting in an impressive energy savings of 12 kWh per day per unit.

Thanks to these advancements, the PowerStack 200CS system has achieved a remarkable cycle efficiency of over 90%. This translates into each unit discharging an additional 4,500 kWh or more annually, thereby significantly enhancing the overall efficiency of the power station. Furthermore, the system boasts versatility, supporting diverse business models ranging from demand control and virtual power plants to peak-valley arbitrage, demand-side response, and power factor improvement.

Minimalist design, easy to use

  • Seamless installation and unparalleled adaptability across diverse scenarios

PowerStack 200CS embodies an innovative integrated design encompassing BMS, PCS, and EMS, boasting comprehensive independent research and development. Pre-installed and meticulously pre-adjusted prior to leaving the factory, it simplifies grid connection with "one-time wiring and one-button setting" on-site, eliminating complex configurations. Additionally, it offers remarkable scalability, supporting flexible expansion. Whether placed face-to-face, back-to-back, or side-by-side, it perfectly caters to the unique needs of commercial and industrial applications where land usage is critical.

  • Smart operation and maintenance capabilities with one-touch scheduling

Integrated with the Sungrow intelligent energy cloud platform, this system allows seamless monitoring of operational status and revenue data, regardless of location. Users can effortlessly set remote scheduling parameters through a few taps, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Additionally, it supports online station configuration and cloud-based strategies, facilitating both local and remote intelligent operation and maintenance. This eliminates the need for manual site visits, significantly reducing operational and maintenance costs, and enabling a more streamlined and cost-effective energy management experience.

Enhanced comprehensive protection for safer electricity utilization

PowerStack 200CS maintains the esteemed tradition of comprehensive safety design, offering seamless protection that spans from individual battery cells to the entire machinery, encompassing both the system and the cloud. Equipped with cell-level AI health management, it offers real-time assessments of battery cell conditions, promptly issuing early warnings. Additionally, it boasts three tiers of overcurrent electrical protection, including the Pack, Rack, and cabinet levels, with graded precision shutdown mechanisms to minimize the impact of any potential faults. For fire safety, it implements a robust strategy following "warning, venting, and extinguishing." Furthermore, it ensures data security through triple encryption across the cloud, transmission, and terminals, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality and preventing any data leakage.

About Sungrow

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